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Find out why Abroadster is the best choice for your institution. Its flexible design gives you an unbeatable range of configuration and scalability options. As the safest and most robust study abroad solution on the market, it gives you a lot more than you expect for a lot less than you think.


Content Management System

The Abroadster control panel for the creation and maintenance of web contents is a fundamental resource for your office.

In an ever-changing world, being able to create processes and content updates without depending on your IT department or external help, gives your institution a significant competitive advantage.

Anyone, even those without previous HTML experience, can manage the tool from the very first day, as it is intuituve and easy to use. Similarly, the flexibility offered by the web-based software allows you to use it from anywhere in the world and from any computer; with the highest level of security guaranteed.

Content Management System

No more reliance on the IT department to market and monitor your programs

Maintain and update your own website easily and keep your program brochures online.

Create customized documents (emails, surveys, forms) and share with students through “Student Portal”.

Communicate events, excursions and activities; students and staff can sign up instantly.

Connect students to the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Easily create and update web/mobile customized orientation handbooks.

Students can publish testimonials, photos and videos, and disseminate their experiences in real-time.


Enrollment Management System

The management of students’ application forms, payments and other important documents for study abroad programs, involves large investments of time and money by personnel and institutions. Abroadster offers solutions that allow you to control the entire enrollment process and to optimize your personnel’s time; informing the users of their pending tasks through the “Task Manager” tool.

The design of the EMS module is highly flexible. It allows your users to configure different functions, in order to adapt to the standards of your institution, and to integrate the tool perfectly into your Student Information System. Moreover, the system guides the students with automatic reminders to inform them of their pending documents. As such, the enrollment process is intuitive, agile and easy.

Enrollment Management System

Go paperless with our simple and intuitive enrollment solutions

Students in charge of their application processes, guided by checklists and automatic reminders.

Instant confirmation when students receive and read important application information.

Customize applications with program and applicant specific requirements.

Submit and accept online faculty recommendations; create assessments tests.

Enroll students and staff in reliable insurance plans, and collect all their important data in case of an emergency.

Integrated into campus login and Student Information System to reduce data re-entry.


Risk Management System

Abroadster gives you an optimal level of control over your students’ and employees’ safety while they are abroad.

Through the RMS module you can create and consult incident reports, with all the relevant information to effectively manage emergencies remotely.

Moreover, the system automatically keeps all those involved updated with relevant information, minimizing the risks for your personnel and institution.

Its dynamic protocols allow you to find out the exact geographic location of all those affected by an emergency, and users can share information and instructions through the mobile platform in real-time, to avoid any secondary risks.

Risk Management System

Minimize the risks of international travel, and keep your students and faculty safe

Manage health and safety incidents anywhere in the world in real time.

Find emergency contacts and medical information quickly and easily.

Create incident reports, and prove fulfillment of Duty of Care.

Track and reach faculty members and students at any time, in any location.

Build a support network of those in the same parts of the world.

Create and active emergency protocols with important information for faculty members and students.


Mobility Discover Now Abroadster

Abroadster is a powerful tool that permits students and professors to enjoy new experiences and content everywhere within a secure & safe environment.

This contributes to the global enrichment of study abroad programs.

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Abroadster makes Studies Abroad easier, safer, and more effective

About Us


RealCom Abroad was founded by Mario Velázquez in 2009 with the aim of supplying telecommunication services to the international community of students and teachers. Over the last few years, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the needs of study abroad programs.

Our Mission

Our mission at RealCom Abroad is to offer an integrated managment software system for institutions and suppliers, which is intuitive and easy to use.

Unlike our competitors, Abroadster has been designed to both facilitate the tasks and administrative processes of institutions, as well as to help students, personnel and teachers abroad. In this way, Abroadster is an agile and effective solution for all those involved in study abroad: before, during, and after the programs.


The commitment of the company to the world of digital education is to constantly improve its creation processes adapted to institutions’ specific needs, and to continue the research and development of new technologies applied to the world of teaching. In this way, it will ensure the ease, safety and effectives of international education programs all over the world.

The Team

Abroadster has been the perfect excuse to form a highly talented and dynamic team. We all share the same passion for and commitment to Abroadster; investing in the latest technological solutions to guarantee unbeatable standards of quality and safety.

Emma Davis

Community Manager

Carlos Fernández

Android Developer

Marina Gallardo

Frontend Developer

Jesús Germade

Frontend Developer

Álvaro López

IT Manager

Domingo Maldonado

Maintence Services

José Alberto Martín

iOS Developer

Juan Méndez

Backend Developer

Felipe Narváez

Backend Developer

Guadalupe Umbría

Project Manager

Manuel Pérez

Frontend Developer

Manuel Rodriguez


Leo Romero

Customer Services

Rody Suárez

Web & Graphic Designer

Paco Ureña

Frontend Developer

Rubén Vallejo

Backend Developer

Mario Velázquez

Founder & CEO